NAME THE ASSOCIATION: Writers and Journalist Association
MAIN CONTACT OFFICE: 2nd Floor, 1430- 1432, SITA Ram Bazar,
(Near New Delhi Railway Station),
DELHI- 110006 Mobile: +918787058561
REG. OFFICE: 6/108-A, Gomtinagar Vistar,
LUCKNOW 226 010

Conditions for the membership of the Association:

  1. Any one who is above the age of 18 years and has faith in the rules and objectives of the Association can become its member,
  2. All those who are actively associated with writing and journalism.
  3. Those persons who are not mad or brokes.

Catagories of membership:

  1. Ordinary members – Any person associated with writing work or journalism may become ordinary member by paying annual subscription of Rs. 150 for the development of the Association provided his/her articles have been published in some newspaper or magazine or he is in possession of a Press identity card.
  2. Special member - Those devoted to creative work and who serve the Association without any self-interest may obtain certificate of Special Membership if they donate Rs. 2500 or more. Such members may be allowed to participate in the meetings of the core committee with the consent of the President or the Secretary General, provided his/her articles, stories or poems have been published in some newspaper/ magazine.
  3. Donator member – A person who being influenced by the objectives of the Association donates Rs. 3000 or more or immovable property equivalent to this amount may be nominated by the President or the Secretary General on the recommendation of two members.

Termination of Membership:

  1. On death.
  2. On becoming mad or a broke.
  3. Indulging in activities causing harm to the Association.
  4. On failure to deposit membership subscription regularly.
  5. On submitting resignation.
  6. On remaining absent from three consecutive meetings without any information.

Office-bearers of the Association:
President - 1.
Vice-Presidents –
Secretary General - 1.
Joint Secretary –
Organising Secretary –
Treasurer –
A Core Committee of 15 members would also be constituted.

Ordinary meetings - An ordinary meeting of the office-bearers and the core committee would be called on any fixed day of a month in which matters relating to future strategy and activities concerning the welfare of the writers and journalists and expansion of the Organisation would be discussed.
Special meetings – This meeting of the office-bearers, core committee members, ordinary and special members would be called every third month against a 7 days notice. The meeting would review the activities of last 3 months and would discuss the strategy for the next three months.

Powers and Duties of the Core Committee -

  1. To mobilise necessary resources for the fulfilment of the declared objectives of the Association.
  2. To review the progress made in the implementation of the decisions taken at the meetings.
  3. To set up a welfare fund for the welfare of the writers and journalists.

Powers and duties of the office-bearers –
President –

  1. Preside over all meetings.
  2. Fix dates for the meetings in consultation with the Secretary General.
  3. Provide guidance for the successful operation of the Association.

Vice-President –

  1. Perform the powers assigned by the President, in the absence of the President and the Executive President, in the order o seniority, and to assist the President in the performance of his duties.

Secretary General –

  1. Do correspondence on behalf of the Association.
  2. Give information regarding meetings to members and office-bearers.
  3. Record the minutes of the meetings and to read the proceedings of the past meeting at the meeting.
  4. Sign the documents and contracts on behalf of the Association.
  5. Implement the decisions of the Association, participate in the meetings and conduct it.
  6. Maintain peace in the meetings.

Joint Secretary –

  1. In order of seniority perform the duties of Secretary General in his absence and to help him in his work.

Organising Secretary –

  1. Strive to form a unit of the Association at all places,
  2. Strive to strengthen the organisation.

Documents of the Association -

  1. Membership Register.
  2. Proceedings Register.
  3. Staff Register.
  4. Agenda Register.

Other provisions which will be helpful in the achievement of the Association’s objectives and would be necessary and useful in functioning of the Association.

  • Association will form units in various states, divisions and sub divisions, districts and cities with a view to bring the writers and journalists of all languages on one platform.
  • With a view to achieving its objectives, the Association will constitute committees, sub committees and cells.
  • The Association will associate senior writers and journalists as Patrons at different levels.

Expectations from the office-bearers and members of the Writers and Journalists Association –

  1. After the constitution of the Committee, a meeting of the office-bearers and the Executive members shall be called on the 30th of every month in the form of symposium. It will be presided over by the President and will be conducted by the Secretary General.
  2. The meeting will discuss the issues related to expansion of the Organisation and the problems of the writers and journalists and will review the prevailing regional social and political issues. After arriving a consensus at the meeting, they will write on it.
  3. Details regarding the writers and journalists of the area be collected and the writers and the journalists facing economic hardship be identified, irrespective of the fact whether they are members of the Association or not or even if they belong to some other organisation.
  4. Efforts be made to set up a welfare fund which could be utilised for helping the needy writers and journalist on the recommendation of the Committee,
  5. Efforts be made to set up libraries with the cooperation of the administration and the people to help in maintain congenial atmosphere for reading and writing.
  6. Free reading stands be provided with the cooperation of the administration and the local people, at public places, bus stations and railway stations where local newspapers and journals be provided for the benefit of the people who have to pass time uselessly. The editors associated with the Organisation may be approached to provide copies of the newspapers and journals published by them for publicity.
  7. Organise writing competitions in the educational institutions with cooperation of the school administration at any time convenient between September and November every year for the intellectual betterment of the new generation.
  8. Organise a writers and journalists seminars and workshops in which senior office-bearers of the Association would benefit the juniors with their own experience. At the end of the seminar, 10 writers and journalist of that area would be honoured. Besides people doing exemplary work i administrative and social fields would be given certificates of honour,
  9. All other work which may be necessary or the enrichment of writing and journalism.