1. To unite the writers and journalists of different Indian languages. To bring the literature of different languages on a common platform for their development and play a responsible role to achieve this objective.
  2. To raise the problems of the writers and journalists at the national level.
  3. To set up a welfare fund for the benefit of the writers and journalists.
  4. To development the feelings of equality, freedom, nationalism and universal brotherhood in the society.
  5. To create an exploitation free atmosphere for the writers and journalists.
  6. To organise creative writing competitions, symposium and journalists’ seminars/ workshops or intellectual development and to create awareness among writers and journalists regarding basic problems o people.
  7. To strive or the protection and development of the folk literature.
  8. To sensitise the writers and journalists against injustice.
  9. To honour writers, literateures and journalists from time to time.
  10. To define the role of the and journalists according to changing circumstances.
  11. To set up libraries and reading rooms at various places.